Corporate customers

Nordisk provides language training for the employees of your company.We specialize in Scandinavian language teaching for corporate clients. We have developed training programs that focuse directly on the terminology and communication skills necessary for the specific occupation. Nordisk has extensive experience in training our customer's personnel in the fields of finance, logistics and medicine. Our specialists will develop and apply a specialized training program for any other industry.
Nordisk offers training for your employees ranging from entry-level up to the level that is sufficient to use the language in their daily work (CEFR level B2/C1). Your staff will be trained by native Scandinavian language speakers (Swedes, Norwegians), as well as highly qualified and experienced local professionals.
Nordisk is prepared to organize training for your staff in business English, as well as other areas.
Three core values of Nordisk are honesty, zest and quality:
Honesty - we are honest both to our customers and to our employees. We are transparent in our communications with our clients, regarding progress of the projects. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.
Zest - for us it is not enough with the customer satisfaction alone. Our goal is to impress the client in an effort to deliver more than is expected.
Quality - Nordisk provides high quality due to our specializing in specific languages. Since our inception we have established a successful cooperation with teachers and translators in Nordic and Baltic languages. Quality is also ensured by the fact that we respect the work of our teachers and translators by paying them fair wages.



    Agnė Buikauskaitė
Sales manager
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